About Der Bahelfer

Der Bahelfer is a project of Mrs. Nechama Dina Hecht of Cortland, NY and her supportive family.

I founded Der Bahelfer, originally as NechdieDesign, in 2003, after years of making simple flyers as a child in our Chabad House. In seminary, I learned how to use professional graphics programs, and discovered a talent for design. Frustration with the amateurish flyers put out by many Chabad Houses led me to consider ways to rectify the situation, hence the beginning of Der Bahelfer.

We consider this part of our Shlichus and treat it as such.

Because of that, Der Bahelfer created the ShluchimDesignBase, ChabadCounselors.com, and many other nonprofit enterprises. Der Bahelfer regularly designs for Shluchim who cannot afford to hire another designer, and takes on rush jobs without charging extra (i.e. it's 10 pm and we need it by tomorrow morning).

Our understanding is, that since the Rebbe gave over the job of bringing Moshiach to us, our Avodas Hashlichus has changed to a certain degree; that now we have responsibility not only for our own communities, but for the world at large - the many Mosdos Hashlichus. We therefore take time from our own Shlichus to help the Shlichus HaKlolis, which will bring the Geulah Klolis for all of us.

About the Logo

Just for the curious: It's a Daled and Beis (Roshei Teivos of Der Bahelfer), supporting a Menorah, which is probably part of the logo of 75% of Chabad Houses. And that symbolizes the whole point- supporting Shluchim.