Contact Der Bahelfer

Before contacting Der Bahelfer, please read our front page.

Der Bahelfer is a family project, run by the Hechts in Cortland, NY.

You should usually speak to Rabbi Hecht, shliach in Cortland NY and the spiritual guide and practical enabler of Der Bahelfer. He will have a better idea of whether a project deadline is realistic and if there are too many projects happening at the same time.

We're in the Eastern time zone, and the work day does not usually start until 11:00 am. FYI, most work is done at night.

We strongly recommend both emailing and calling to ensure you are responded to in a timely manner. Also, if you have a deadline, please make it clear in the email! Projects with specific deadlines often receive priority.

Contact information is as follows:

• Name: Mendel or Nechama Dina Hecht

• Phone: (413) 376-8770

• Email:

If you are interested in having a project done, I recommend reading the FAQs first.