1. Can you copy a flyer I saw on Spotlight's website?
  2. Nope, that would be questionable Halachicly and legally. They do beautiful work, so if you like something they've done, contact them to customize it for yourself.

  3. How should I print my postcard?
  4. I always recommend full color printing. Nowadays, it's unbelievably affordable- as low as $60 for 1000 full color postcards. Please see my list of printers here.

    As far as sizing goes, if you're using stamps, I would go with 4" x 6" because it's eligible for postcard rates (currently 26 cents as opposed to 41). If you use bulk mail, you may wish to pay extra printing costs for the bigger impact of a half page postcard.

  5. Why are you so cheap?
  6. On principle- if I price out Shluchim, I've defeated my own purpose.

  7. How fast can you get this done?
  8. Depends! If you've given me all the information, it usually takes 1-3 days to complete a draft or two. From there, it can be hours till the final copy... or far longer if you require changes or overhauls.

    I would guesstimate that each call or email with another change ends up adding about 24 hours to completion.

    If you have a deadline, please make it clear, and we will make every effort to have it completed within your time frame.

  9. What if you're still too expensive for me?
  10. If you're a Shliach, please contact me and we'll try to work something out.

  11. Can you put a picture of a Rabbi/Sukkah/Shabbos table on my postcard?
  12. Probably not- I wish I could. If it doesn't exist on iStockPhoto.com, I most likely have no way of getting such an image. If you do need it, either provide one (not using Google images, which is illegal), or use an agency with a photographer on commission for such situations.

  13. I've gotten cheaper prices at the supposedly expensive places!
  14. Yes, it does seem that that's possible. Being that most places are paid by the hour, a small project could theoretically end up costing less than my flat fee.

  15. I don't have all of the details yet. Can you start working on the invitation for my Chanukah Party anyway?
  16. Well, I can, but I don't reccommend it. In my experience, this adds the most time to the layout process.

  17. Do you have any suggestions for a better postcard?
  18. Less text is far more. Lots of words makes for a very crowded, less attractive design. If you want to put on an article, consider just linking to your website. It's silly to write "for more info, contact..." when they already have an overdose!

    On a postcard, keep in mind that you can have information on the back side as well, you don't need to put it all on the front. Take a look at some of the "junk" postcards you get in the mail to see what I'm talking about.

  19. What do you need from me to get this Pesach postcard done?
  20. I need all of the info to go on the card (don't forget location, time, and price), as well as your mailing information, if applicable. I also like to know who is being targeted by this piece: Adults, kids, or students? Fun, elegant, or sophisticated?

    I need to know what size you'd like the finished piece to be, as well as how you're printing it.

  21. Are you SURE you can get this done in time?
  22. IY"H! I am, however, a fallible human being, and my baby is also. If you need a better guarantee, especially for rush jobs, you might want to turn to a more official graphics company. ?

  23. I like your Tishrei brochure. Can you change it around for me?
  24. Modifying an existing design is often a good idea- it's faster and cheaper, and you know what you'll get. I define "modifying" as changing some text and logos, and possibly switching colors. Major changes are counted as a custom design (see pricing) and may take as long. Most modifications can be completed the same day.

  25. I'm not a Shliach. Can you design a postcard for me anyhow?
  26. No, I'm sorry. I try to work exclusively for Shluchim or Chabad Mosdos.

  27. You didn't answer my question!
  28. I'm sorry. Feel free to contact me, and I'll try to rectify the situation.