Welcome to Der Bahelfer.

Use the ShluchimDesignBase! The ShluchimDesignBase is the easiest way to find the perfect piece to modify - from all designers. Please visit the site and let us know any suggestions!

Der Bahelfer, from its conception, was intended to do everything in its power to be able to assist Shluchim in their graphic design needs.

Der Bahelfer also provides other services to assist Shluchim, such as ChabadCounselors.com, which helps girls find the right camp for them, to the mutual benefit of the girls and the Shluchim. Another project is also in the works to help Shluchim find existing designs quickly and easily.

B"H there are many graphic designers today specializing in Shluchim, and offering reasonable prices (see here for links). You are encouraged to visit their websites and find a designer who suits you best, financially and graphically.

Der Bahelfer was created with the "financially challenged" Shliach in mind. Our goal is to make professional graphic design available to Shluchim who cannot afford it.

For most projects, you'll pay one flat fee, so you can budget in an exact cost with no surprises. Based on our philosophy, all prices are suggested prices — if it doesn't fit into your budget, consider it our zchus to help your mosad, or give within your means.

We encourage Shluchim who would benefit from professional work, but cannot afford it, to contact us.

Der Bahelfer specializes in postcards, but we also do brochures, flyers, booklets, posters, and more. (I don't usually do web design work.)

Please check out the Portfolio to see some past projects, some more current work at the blog, and even more current work on the ShluchimDesignBase.

Also, if for whatever reason you have an urgent project which cannot be taken care of by anyone else, we will do whatever we can to take care of it. Work is done from home, and helping a Shliach in need takes first priority (and sometimes all night).