Note: If you would like to see one of these designs in a larger size, please feel free to contact me. (No obligation, obviously).

More recent designs can be seen on my portfolio page on the ShluchimDesignBase.


black & white flyer for lecture on truth of Torah, class by Rabbi Schochet Schochet Lecture Advertisement
black & white postcard, anti-missionary college event Anti-Missionary Event Postcard
color postcard, for Russian lecture on philosophy vs. Torah Russian Lecture Postcard
color brochure, for Shabbaton (Shabbos) with a Kabbalah teacher Shabbat with Laibl Wolf
color postcard for Kabbalah lecture and event Laibl Wolf Event
color postcard for Torah Law Shabbos with judges and guest speakers Law Shabbat Postcard
color postcard advertising MindYoga with Kabbalah teacher Laibl Wolf Laibl Wolf Postcard
color postcard for Kabbalah and music evening at Chabad Shul Ginsburgh Event Postcard
color poster for Farbrengen and speech (sessions) with Rabbi Gluckowsky for Anash Community Farbrengen Poster
color poster for Anash farbrengen, held at Chabad shul Hey Teves Farbrengen Poster
black & white postcard for Hey Teves event for Anash Hey Teves Farbrengen Postcard


Jewish Youth Club Flyer
Upcoming Activities Flyer
College Fest & Shabbaton Flyer
Hookah Schmooze Postcard
Gan Israel Flyer
Chinese Auction Book
Fall Program Guide Brochure
Spring Program Guide Brochure
Friday Night Live Ad
Hebrew Reading Course Postcard
Kashrus Seminar Postcard

Yom Tov

Mall Chanukah Billboard
Chanukah/Grand Opening Postcard
Double Pre-Chanukah Party Postcard
Grand Chanukah Celebration
Lego Menorah Postcard
Chanukah Festival & Dinner
Chanukah Triple Program Flyer
Simchas Torah Flyer
Lag B'Omer Postcard
Seder Ivitation Card
Got Purim? Postcard
Chanukah Program Flyer
Pesach Experience Postcard
Purim in Africa Postcard
Generic Family Purim Party Postcard
Generic Family Purim Party Postcard
Hawaiian Purim Postcard

Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle Brochure
Winter Camp Brochure

Women's Circle

Women's Circle Chanukah Postcard
Women's Circle Birthday Postcard
Women's Circle Challah Postcard
Women's Circle Programs Brochure
This is an incomplete list.