Here are some pieces of useful information.

NOTE: More updated and complete information and links available at the ShluchimDesignBase!

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¤ Cheap Printing

¤ Cheap Mailing

Contact Rabbi Yossi Brackman to find out how to get the absolute cheapest mailing rates (down to 1/3rd of the cost!).

¤ Recommended Alternate Designers

This WAS the definitive list of Chabad graphic designers. The complete list is now available on the ShluchimDesignBase! This list is mostly comprised of designers who primarily work with Shluchim, and only those who have their own websites (why?) so you can see several samples of their work before contacting them.

Starred (*) designers specifically advertise low prices.

¤ Do It Yourself Graphic Design Tips

Ready to do it yourself? Too small a project to rationalize hiring a professional? Think you have the knack?

Take a look at this page (a work in progress), giving you some of the design basics you need to make your work look professional.

An excellent mini-series introducing graphic design key points: Graphic Design for Non-Designers