Why only with websites?

I don't think it's fair to make a Shliach call a designer without him first knowing that he likes the designer's work. Therefore, I do not list any "telephone only" designers.

It is very easy to make a website these days. If the thought is too overwhelming, a blog is an easy, quick, and free solution (see my blog or Rochel Graphics for example). I'm happy to help modify a Blogger template to suit your needs, as I did for my own blog.

I have 1and1.com's cheapest hosting package, which includes a free domain name, for under $3 a month. It is far more than adequate for my needs, though it may be billed as the "beginner" package.

EVEN CHEAPER is NearlyFreeSpeech.net - pay only for as much bandwidth and storage space as you use. For most people, it will end up cheaper than buying a package.

To elaborate: NearlyFreeSpeech.net charges $1 per gigabyte of transfer - I usually don't reach that amount of transfer in 3 months! Web storage is 1 cent per MB stored per month. DerBahelfer.com is under 30 MB - that's 30 cents a month. Add on a domain name at $7.50 a year, and a site like DerBahelfer.com could be hosted for about $16 a year! This way you also don't need to worry about going over your limit and having your site go down or being forced to upgrade to a more expensive package. (MySQL costs 1 cent per day, or $3.65 a year.)

I write all of my webpages by hand using HTML and CSS, although there are many programs out there that generate the code for you.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, even if you're a friendly rival, please feel free to contact me. There are KA"H thousands of Shluchim and growing, and therefore there is plenty of work to go around.